Poshmark: How I Store Inventory

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Poshmark: How I Store InventoryI just want to start out by saying that each is person is going to have their own method for storing inventory. There is no right or wrong answer in how to do it. The important thing is that you develop a system that works best for you and your inventory. Today, I want to give you a look into my Poshmark space.

So first, I want to give you a little insight into my Poshmark inventory. When I first started on the app, I had a designated tote in my dorm room for Poshmark.  Four years later, my Poshmark inventory takes up nearly 1/4 of my basement. Currently, I have 400+ active listings. By the end of next year, I hope to have at least double my current inventory. The majority of my inventory consists of clothing, shoes, and accessories. I’ve tried many  different set-ups and finally came up with one that works best for me and my inventory. Here is how I store my inventory for Poshamark:

Poshmark: How I Store Inventory

A) Storing Shoes

Oh shoes, how I love you (yet dislike storing you)! Shoes have a quick turnaround rate for me so trying to figure out how to store them can be challenging. I started out by storing my shoes on a 30 pair shoe rack that I bought from Walmart last year. Little did I know that I would quickly run out of space and would have to look for storage elsewhere. At this point, I started using a laundry basket to store boots and plastic drawers to store excess shoes. Now that boot season is here, I bought an additional under-the-bed plastic tote to store my bulky boots in. Moving forward, I am probably going to buy another rack while expanding my shoe inventory.

Poshmark: How I Store Inventory

B) Storing Clothing and Accessories

Now onto the meat and potatoes- how I store my clothing inventory. Okay so I need to disclose that I am slightly OCD when it comes to clothing, specifically storing my clothing. Whether you look at my Poshmark closet or my personal closet, everything is sorted by article type and color order. It’s kind of ridiculous actually (sorry guys)! So let me give you an overview as to how I store the majority of my inventory.

One of the most important pieces that I use to store inventory is my commercial grade double garment rack from Bed Bath and Beyond. This one is hand’s down my favorite rack for storage! It is very durable and can store a large amount of inventory. Over the years, I have broken more storage racks than I can count. To be honest, I should have bought the more expensive one to begin with… oh well!

So my double garment rack holds all of my tops on one side and dresses on the opposite side. Under the rack, I store purses, boots, pants, and skirts, each in their own respective tote or laundry basket. And all of my outerwear is stored in 2 plastic totes under my personal outerwear rack which is also commercial grade. Since I store items in my basement (which is super clean), I try to keep anything on the ground in a sealed container because you just never know what could happen to it.

C) The Pre-List and Post-Sale Storage Rack

This past week, I bought an additional single garment rack for the sole purpose of storing items that either need to be photographed or mailed out. I’ve been meaning to buy one for a while so I finally bought one at Target. The girl who checked me out told me that it was a good rack so I knew that I made a good purchase. So far, it has been holding up well and I thing that it was definitely worth the $25 that I spent on it. I really like that it has a storage rack on the bottom.  This is perfect for storing items that need to be photographed or mailed. Prior to owning this rack, most items were kept on the floor of my room or the floor of our den. All-in-all, it was a wonderful addition to my Poshmark world.

Poshmark: How I Store Inventory

D) My Desk

The last part of my Poshmark setup is my desk. My desk stores all of my shopping and packaging supplies. Next year, I hope to focus more on my branding. Additionally, I am working on having some customized pieces made for my brand. When it comes to my supplies, I order hundreds of boxes from USPS a year and store them in bundles of various sizes in a Marshall’s bag by my desk. The remainder of my supplies are in the organizers and bins on my desk.

So I know that I just gave you a large amount of info but I hope that you find this information useful in some way, shape or form. Check out the links to my favorite products for storage and if you have any specific Poshmark questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!

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