Look for Less: Leather Jacket and Polka Dot Dress

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Look for Less: Leather Jacket and Polka Dot Dress Inspiration: Express

Yesterday, I was scrolling through the Express website when I instantly fell in love with this look (featured left). Personally, I would have never thought to pair a leather jacket with a polka dot dress. So me being me, I decided to give it a shot; I have nothing to lose, right? I first started off by seeing how much the dress cost on the Express website. When I saw the $70 price tag, I immediately knew that I was not paying that much for a rayon dress. (Fun Fact: When you shop at thrift stores all the time, you rethink paying retail for anything.) So onto the next best thing, shopping my closet! And what do you know, I own all 3 key pieces that the Express model is wearing in the inspiration photo: nude heels, a leather jacket, and a polka dot dress.


My Makeup Brush Set

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My Makeup Brush SetWhen applying my makeup in the morning, I like to keep my routine as simple and efficient as possible. Most days, I am busy working hard from  the moment I wake up until I eventually go to bed at night. Unless I am taking photos or leaving the house for whatever reason, my makeup is always minimal. Since I don’t really go all out with my makeup often, I’m not very familiar with makeup do’s and don’ts. Especially when it comes to makeup brushes. When I received the My Makeup Brush Set in the mail, I was really excited! I love that these oval brushes are easy to use and have very soft, delicate bristles. Also, to make things easier, each brush has a label on it stating what it is for (which is SUPER helpful)! (more…)

Pearl Embellished Denim

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Pearl Embellished DenimRecently, I’ve been big into pearl embellished denim. I love that they can help to elevate a look! When I was in JcPenney a few weeks, I spotted a TON of pearl embellished jeans in the front of the women’s section. When I saw them, I knew that I needed to at least try them on… Well, what do you know. They ended up fitting perfectly and so home with me they came. AND I got a really good deal on them (under $30 and $10 off) so the purchase was justified??? All joking aside, this pearl embellished denim trend is here to stay so why not pick up a pair today! When are you going to join in on the pearl embellished denim trend?  (more…)

Updating Your Poshmark Closet to Maximize Sales

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Updating Your Poshmark Closet to Maximize Sales Have you ever felt like you needed to change things up a bit? Well, I most definitely have! This past week, I was really frustrated that my Poshmark sales were not what I wanted them to be. (I know that this is the “slow” season but still). So instead of sitting and complaining about it, I decided that in order to get the momentum going again, I would need to make some necessary changes. First and foremost, I knew that I needed to update my cover photos in my Poshmark closet to make more sales. So for today’s post, I want to share how you can improve your cover photos to maximize your Poshmark sales. (more…)

5 Books Every Girl Boss Should Read

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5 Books Every Girl Boss Should ReadHappy Monday! This past year, I have been working really hard to educate myself on this business. Specifically, I have been reading books on fashion, marketing, and business. Coming from a background in psychology and biology, I have taught myself everything that I know about running a blog and resale business. This was not something that came naturally to me so I have had to learn a lot along the way. So although I have learned a thing or two about this blog/resale world, there is always something new to learn. And that is where today’s blog post comes into play. Today, I want to share with you guys 5 of my favorite books and how they have helped me as a blogger and reseller. So here are the 5 books every Girl Boss should read: