My Favorite Special Occasion Dress for Under $40

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My Favorite Special Occasion Dress for Under $40During the next few months, many people will be celebrating special events. These events include milestone birthdays, weddings, and graduations just to name a few. While celebrating these special occasions, it can be difficult to find something comfortable to wear. This is especially challenging during the hot summer months. Whenever I am shopping for something to wear for special occasions, I always try to find something that is classy, cool, and feminine. And that is why I love wearing pieces from the WhoWhatWear collection from Target. Today’s look features a rose-printed midi dress from Target’s latest collection. (more…)

PopJulia Review

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Popjulia ReviewSo I am always looking for places to shop for the latest trends for less and discovered a great site called A member of their team reached out to me and I couldn’t wait to see what cute styles their site had to offer. While scrolling through the website, the first thing that I noticed was their large selection of merchandise. PopJulia carries everything from tops and bottoms to swimwear and loungewear. After spending hours scrolling through their site, I picked out my goodies and waited for them to arrive at my doorstep. Now that they have finally arrived, I can’t wait to share these items with you!  (more…)

Spring Sandal Showcase: Avec Les Filles Calia Sandals

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Spring Sandal Showcase: Avec Les Filles Calia SandalsSpring is almost here (or at least I hope that it is)! Every year, I love to buy new sandals for spring and this year is no different. So I decided to scroll through various sites, I create a list of some of my favorites (check it out HERE). After debating which pairs I wanted to buy, I decided that these Avec Les Filles Calia sandals were a MUST have! And so with my $20 off $49 coupon in hand (that I stole from my brother) into DSW I went. (more…)

How I Reached 100k Followers on Poshmark

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How I Reached 100k Followers on PoshmarkThis past Saturday, I accomplished something HUGE on Poshmark… I now officially have 100k followers on Poshmark! Say what??!! I am still in disbelief over it. And in addition to reaching 100k followers, Poshmark reached out to me to host my first ever Poshmark Party (more on that as we get closer). So I guess you can say that this weekend has definitely been one for the books.  Today, I want to share with you some lessons that I have learned while reaching the 100k mark. 

Gucci Inspired Straw Hat for Less

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Gucci Inspired Straw HatToday’s post is all about one of my favorite designer brands… Gucci! If you love this brand as well or just love high fashion, then you know how pricey it can be. For example, how many fashion “it” girls do you see wearing that signature “double g” belt? Did you know that Gucci’s double g belt retails for $450? (You can check out my dupe versions HERE). Whenever I find a good designer dupe for a reasonable price, I will buy it. That is why when I spotted this straw hat with the bee detailing at TJ Maxx, I was really excited. Although it is not identical to its designer counterpart, it is pretty darn close. And for $14,99, how could I say no? (more…)