PopJulia Review

March 9, 2018 0 Comments

Popjulia ReviewSo I am always looking for places to shop for the latest trends for less and discovered a great site called PopJulia.com. A member of their team reached out to me and I couldn’t wait to see what cute styles their site had to offer. While scrolling through the website, the first thing that I noticed was their large selection of merchandise. PopJulia carries everything from tops and bottoms to swimwear and loungewear. After spending hours scrolling through their site, I picked out my goodies and waited for them to arrive at my doorstep. Now that they have finally arrived, I can’t wait to share these items with you!¬†

Outfit 1:

Popjulia Review

Popjulia Review

Popjulia Review

The first item that I picked out from PopJulia was this black fur jacket. I love the oversized fit of this jacket and how it paired well with my black knee-high boots. Black is one of my favorite colors to wear during these cold winter months and so I am excited that I can add this jacket to my collection. This jacket would also go well with some distressed skinny jeans and sneakers. Overall, the jacket fit perfectly (I ordered up) and exceeded my expectations.

Outfit 2:

Popjulia Review

Popjulia Review

Popjulia ReviewThe second item that I picked out from PopJulia was this preppy v-neck sweater. This sweater is probably one of the best sweaters that I have ever owned. It is made of high-quality materials and fits me like a glove. It is perfect for these cold winter months and for transitioning into spring. Also, I really like the color of this sweater as it is very complimentary to my olive skin tone. Overall, this sweater was a great find and I would definitely buy another!

Overall, I have had a very positive experience with PopJulia. Their items are high-quality and on-trend which makes them a perfect place to shop for all of your fashion needs. My only suggestion would be that they could improve on their shipping and tracking process. Since their items were arriving from overseas, I knew that they would take a while to arrive. However, one of my packages came a whole month before the other one. I really wish that they would have notified me that the items would not be arriving together as it was an inconvenience. However, once the items arrived I was very happy with them! 

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