3 Ways to Buy Anthropologie for Less

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3 Ways to Buy Anthropologie for LessSo I don’t know about you guys, but walking into an Anthropologie store brings me great happiness.  From their carefully curated window displays to their colorful vintage-inspired mannequins, everything is just so darn magical. That is, of course, until you see their not-so-magical price tags. Ouch! Reality strikes and your aren’t so happy-go-lucky anymore. However, just because Anthropologie can be pricey, doesn’t mean that you can’t buy it. So today, I wanted to share with you guys how I have been able to find Anthropologie for less!

3 Ways to Buy Anthropologie for Less

3 Ways to Buy Anthropologie for Less

3 Ways to Buy Anthropologie for Less

3 Ways to Buy Anthropologie for Less

1. Head Straight to Anthropologie’s Secret SALE Room

The first way to buy Anthropologie for less is to shop the store’s sale section. This one is a no-brainer, really! Whether you shop in the special sale room in the back of the store or the online sale section, you will always find a great deal. Another little fun fact about Anthropologie is that all of their items are available online but not in-store. However, items purchased online can be returned in-store. This is important to know because these returns find their way to Anthropologie’s sale room to avoid shipment back to the warehouse. Also, this room contains discounted items that may have a minor flaw such as a missing button or snag. Head over to Anthropologie’s sale room HERE.

2. TJ Maxx Anyone?

The second way to buy Anthropologie for less is to look for it at TJ Maxx and Marshall’s. Off-price stores such as these buy surplus inventory from suppliers and then sell them at 20-60% off their original retail prices. Sometimes, TJX buys surplus inventory from Anthropologie and it can be found in various stores all over the country. Beware, you need to know your Anthropologie brands in order to recognize it in-store. There won’t be an obnoxious tag on that really cute shirt that says, “I’m from Anthropologie, buy me.” You need to be able to look at a piece and it’s label and know where it was originally from. Pictured above, I am wearing my favorite Anthropologie find that I purchased from my local Marshall’s earlier this week for $25. I did notice a lot Anthropologie in both stores recently so definitely check them out.

3. Thrifters Unite

The final way to buy Anthropologie for less is to look for it at your favorite thrift stores and resale apps. Whenever I am sourcing for inventory, I ALWAYS find Anthropologie at thrift stores. In order to find it, like I mentioned above, you need to know your brands. One way to know if you have an Anthropologie piece is to look at the back of the fabric tag. Usually, it will say something like, “Imported for Anthropologie” on it. Another place to find a lot of Anthropologie is on resale apps with a peer-to-peer marketplace such as Ebay and Poshmark. Let me share with you guys a link to Anthropologie on Poshmark HERE! Also, check out my Poshmark closet (you can find it on the top of the right column) for some Anthropologie finds as well.

 Outfit Details – Dress: Anthropologie, Marshall’s (Exact); Shoes: Chelsea and Crew Black Label, Thrifted (Exact)

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