Mixing Neutrals

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Mixing NeutralsNeutral colors are the most important element to any quality outfit. These basic colors allow an outfit to look polished and cohesive. When most people think of neutrals, they usually incorporate one color into their outfit and don’t always consider the possibility of mixing and matching. As every fashionista knows, some of the best (and chicest) outfits incorporate multiple neutrals from head-to-toe. Neutrals are called neutrals for a reason as they can be worn with any color combination. (more…)

Unexpected Combinations

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A Unexpected ComboThey say that the best things in life often happen unexpectedly. From our producing our best work,  landing our dream job, or finding love, the best moments in life are not planned and that makes them all the sweeter. Before I went outside to take these pictures, I was having a really hard time trying to figure out what to wear.  Everything I tried I on just didn’t feel like a winner and I was getting discouraged. There is definitely truth to the matter that what you wear affects your mood for the rest of the day (MORE). I knew that I wasn’t getting anywhere so I told myself that I was going to step away from my closet and revisit it later. After keeping myself busy for a few minutes, I went back to my closet determined to make something work. I saw my leather skirt on the bottom rack and told myself that I was going to find something to go with it. After a little experimenting, I paired the skirt with a merino wool cardigan and I was very happy with the outcome. To make it all the sweeter, this entire outfit (minus the accessories) was under $10! Gotta love thrifting! 


Inspire and Be Inspired

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Inspire and Be Inspired

When I was at TJ Maxx a few days ago, I saw a shirt in the Junior’s section that read ‘Inspire and Be Inspired.’ Those are pretty powerful words to be found on a t-shirt. For some reason, these words just stuck with me and as a result, inspired today’s post. Inspiration is something everyone looks for from time to time. Whether it is from our family and friends, social media, or the world around us, we all need to be exposed to new ideas so that we can continue to learn and grow. When we are inspired, some of our best ideas are born and our best work flows. Finding inspiration is wonderful, but we also need to remember that it is our responsibility to inspire others as well. Personally, I want to show girls how to be the best version of themselves and not the best version of what society says they should be. By inspiring others, we not only help other people to be happy but we shine a little bit brighter as well. 


Poshmark: Secrets from a Successful Seller

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Poshmark: Secrets from a Successful SellerMy love of thrift shopping and resale began during my sophomore year of college. Looking for a way to prolong my schoolwork, I spontaneously decided to visit the local Goodwill near campus. The moment I walked through the door, my love affair with thrift shopping began. Nearly four years later, my love of thrift shopping and resale continues to consume my life in the best way possible. Unfortunately, not all of my thrift finds are fortunate enough to have a home in my closet so I try to find them a new home through Poshmark.


Defining Your Style

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Defining Your Style I have always been fascinated by the psychology behind fashion and personal style. I tend to ask myself, ‘Why do people wear that they wear?’ or ‘What would make someone choose that outfit over another?’ Fashion allows for people to share a little piece of themselves with others through what they wear and how they present themselves. It provides an opportunity for people to get personal without saying a word. With that in mind, what would your personal style say to the world? Are you bold and confident? Delicate and feminine? Or maybe a little bit of both?