DIY Shoe Storage for Under $100

April 28, 2017 0 Comments

Shoe Storage DIY for Under $100So spring cleaning has been in full swing around here. As a fashion blogger, I have acquired quite a few goodies over the years. One of my guilty pleasures in life is shoes; I have quite a collection of them. With a growing collection, I needed to organize them utilizing all of the space available to me. My solution: to create a custom looking DIY shoe storage unit (for under $100). 

DIY Shoe Storage for Under $100

DIY Shoe Storage for Under $100First, I need to disclose that in my bedroom, I have a little cubby of underutilized space. Being that my room is so small, I have to utilize every ounce of space very carefully. One day, I got the idea to create a unit for all of my shoes as they were taking up the entire floor of my closet. After shopping around for storage units and deciding to put my creative juices to the test, this was the end result. SO with that being said, I want to share with you everything that I used to create this DIY shoe storage unit. 

What Your Need to Create Your DIY Shoe Storage Unit:

1. 24″ Stackable Shoe Rack– $10.49 (I used 6 of them total and removed the middle shelf on the 3 top shelves)

2. 2-Drawer Storage Shelf– $29.99

3. Power Drill/ Screwdriver

Total: $92.93

Optional: You can change out the drawer pulls; I bought THESE for only $6.58 each

And that’s it! This DIY shoe storage project only takes a few hours to assemble and looks awesome once it is completed. Good luck and let me know what your think of this DIY project! 

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