The Perfect Transition Sweater for Under $20

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The Perfect Transition Sweater for Under $20The weather in NY has been all over the place lately! Some days it is 50 degrees outside while other days it is well below 0! If only the weather could make up its’ mind! Personally, I like to think that spring is just around the corner. So much so that I have a theory that if I start wearing brighter colors, spring will come sooner. I know that it doesn’t really work that way but I would do just about anything for warmer weather right now. Since it is still pretty chilly, I thought that I would dress a little brighter, especially on these gloomy days. Today, I want share with you guys the perfect transition sweater for under $20! (more…)

TJ Maxx Yellow Tag Clearance and Blush Pink Booties

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TJ Maxx Yellow Tag Clearance and Blush Pink BootiesSo as I’m sure many of you already know, the TJ Maxx yellow tag clearance is going on now. Just like you, I also wanted to get in on the action! First, I stopped into my local TJ Maxx store to see what goodies they had. After thoroughly inspecting both clearance sections, I sadly found nothing worth my while. (Boo!) Next, I stopped into my local Marshall’s store to see if they had a better selection. And although they had some really great fashion books on sale, there was nothing there either. It wasn’t until I ventured out to a TJ Maxx store almost an hour away that I struck gold! While I was there, I did pick up 2 pieces to keep for myself (including these blush booties) and a couple of pieces to resell.  (more…)

Look for Less: Leather Jacket and Polka Dot Dress

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Look for Less: Leather Jacket and Polka Dot Dress Inspiration: Express

Yesterday, I was scrolling through the Express website when I instantly fell in love with this look (featured left). Personally, I would have never thought to pair a leather jacket with a polka dot dress. So me being me, I decided to give it a shot; I have nothing to lose, right? I first started off by seeing how much the dress cost on the Express website. When I saw the $70 price tag, I immediately knew that I was not paying that much for a rayon dress. (Fun Fact: When you shop at thrift stores all the time, you rethink paying retail for anything.) So onto the next best thing, shopping my closet! And what do you know, I own all 3 key pieces that the Express model is wearing in the inspiration photo: nude heels, a leather jacket, and a polka dot dress.


My Makeup Brush Set

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My Makeup Brush SetWhen applying my makeup in the morning, I like to keep my routine as simple and efficient as possible. Most days, I am busy working hard from  the moment I wake up until I eventually go to bed at night. Unless I am taking photos or leaving the house for whatever reason, my makeup is always minimal. Since I don’t really go all out with my makeup often, I’m not very familiar with makeup do’s and don’ts. Especially when it comes to makeup brushes. When I received the My Makeup Brush Set in the mail, I was really excited! I love that these oval brushes are easy to use and have very soft, delicate bristles. Also, to make things easier, each brush has a label on it stating what it is for (which is SUPER helpful)! (more…)

Pearl Embellished Denim

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Pearl Embellished DenimRecently, I’ve been big into pearl embellished denim. I love that they can help to elevate a look! When I was in JcPenney a few weeks, I spotted a TON of pearl embellished jeans in the front of the women’s section. When I saw them, I knew that I needed to at least try them on… Well, what do you know. They ended up fitting perfectly and so home with me they came. AND I got a really good deal on them (under $30 and $10 off) so the purchase was justified??? All joking aside, this pearl embellished denim trend is here to stay so why not pick up a pair today! When are you going to join in on the pearl embellished denim trend?  (more…)