Spring 2018 Shoe Preview and Poshmark Tips

January 31, 2018 0 Comments

Spring 2018 Shoe Preview

So I was walking through the mall yesterday and I noticed that retailers were starting to put out spring shoes. At first, I was really excited knowing that spring was coming soon (fingers crossed). But after a couple of minutes, I realized that as cute as these shoes were, I realistically didn’t need them right now. I had to give myself a reality check and remind myself where I was; I live in New York, the land of unpredictable weather and never-ending winter. Despite some internal pushback, I decided to stop into Target just to see what they had (yeah, bad idea). 

Okay, let’s backtrack for a sec… So prior to me actually walking into Target, I saw two pairs of shoes online that caught my eye. They are the pink block sandals and the leopard print ones pictured above. The leopard print ones, I  originally spotted on Instagram and knew that I needed to check them out. Unfortunately, they are temporarily unavailable online. As a result, I thought that I would check out my local Target store just to make sure. Well, sure enough, I went to my local Target and there they were sitting on the shelf and in my size. I tried them on and after a little debating, I decided to get them. I am really excited to wear them this spring and I will be counting down the days until I can! 

Poshmark Tip:

While we are on the topic of spring and warmer weather, I want to include a little something for my fellow Poshmark people! Within this past week, I have noticed an increase in the number of summer and spring items receiving likes. Many of my customers are commenting that they are taking upcoming trips and looking for summer shoes, such as sandals and flats. Please keep this in mind when you are sourcing for inventory!!! If you have been waiting to put out your spring and summer items, please don’t wait and start listing them now. I wouldn’t want you guys to miss out on sales because you were waiting until spring to list these items!

Okay so now onto the good stuff and by that I mean shoes! Above I put together a little preview of some of my favorite shoes for this upcoming spring season. Here is my Spring 2018 Shoe Preview for all of you fashionistas out there:

1. Avec Les Filles Gemma Flat Sandal $49.99

2. Italian Leather Mules in Blush and Black– $79.99

3. Suede Ankle Booties– $69.99

4. Luciaa Silver Metallic Heels$69.98

5. A New Day Krysten Block Heel– $32.99 ( I want these in pink!!)

6. DV Elaine Espadrille Mules– $24.99

7. Gunmetal Moreen Studded Sandal– $69.99

8. Avec Les Filles Calia Sandal– $49.99 (I really want these too!!)

9. Badgley Mischka Crystal Embellished Evening Sandal $59.99


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