A Curly-Haired Girl in a Straight-Haired World

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Being a Curly-Haired Girl in a Straight-Haired World

For as long as I can remember, I have always struggled with how to manage my curly hair. Those of us with curly hair live slightly more challenging lives than our straight-haired counterparts. For example, before making any sort of hair-styling decision, the first and most important step is to check humidity levels for the day. Under 50% means that I can style my hair as normal with no worries, between 50-75% means that I probably need to load up on the gel and make sure that I have a couple of hair ties on hand, and over 75% means it is going up, locked and loaded with gel and hairspray (It is not a battle worth fighting!).  This may sound silly to you but it is the curly-haired truth. Straight-haired girls have it pretty easy; they don’t have to worry about extraneous frizz, rain, hat hair, and so many other things that us curly-haired people are fixated on daily. (more…)

Winter to Spring Transition

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Winter to Spring TransitionTransitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring can be somewhat challenging. It is warm enough outside where you don’t have to wear your bulky winter jacket but still cold enough where you still need to wear something. The weather in New York over the past few days has been all over the place; some days it is close to 50 degrees and others it is barely 20 degrees. Dressing in such fluctuating temperatures can be difficult because you are at a constant struggle debating whether what you wear is going to result in you sweating or freezing. In times such as these, the solution is to dress in layers while stilling looking polished. When the weather is not ideal, it is very easy to get swept up in the idea of comfort over class but remember that how you present yourself is how the world perceives you. Dressing in layers does not mean wearing three sweaters and two pairs of pants. Instead, wear a short sleeve shirt or tank with a sweater or light jacket over it. For additional warmth, perhaps pack a scarf or gloves just in case. Regardless, transitioning from winter to spring should not be challenging but instead exciting because it means that spring is just around the corner!

Back to the Basics

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Back to the Basics My current color obsession involves two very contrary colors: black and blush pink (or Bianca pink as my cousin, Santino calls it). For one reason or another I am drawn to the delicate, feminine nature of blush pink mixed with the intenseness of black. Although these colors are opposites, they are quite marvelous together and right on trend for the spring/summer season. For today’s look, I tried to keep things simple yet polished. By pairing a structured jacket with a basic fit-and-flare dress and nude pumps, I feel like a confident fashionista ready to take on the world. (more…)

Leopard Blazers x Distressed Denim

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Leopard Blazers x Distressed Denim

Anyone who knows me well knows that my closet is not lacking in leopard print. What people don’t know is that with a love of leopard comes endless amounts of criticism and backlash. You don’t how many times I have heard people say to me, ‘Leopard print is so tacky’ or ‘You can’t wear that. It’s not professional enough and it’s definitely not what a lady wears.’ To all you haters out there, don’t knock it ’til you try it! I’m not exactly sure where my love of leopard originates from but what I do know is that when I wear leopard, I feel like the sassy, confident woman that I am and no one can tell me otherwise- end of story.  The key to wearing leopard the right way is to choose one statement piece to keep the outfit visually interesting and to have the remainder of the outfit within a neutral palate. By doing so, your outfit looks classy and not trashy.  (more…)

Hunter Boots x Asymmetrical Sweaters

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Hunter Boots x Asymmetrical Sweaters

The weather in New York over the past week has been really cold and miserable. Before the sudden drop in temperature, I was able to enjoy some time outdoors while taking these pictures. When it is cold outside, I feel like I need a little more motivation than usual to get dressed up. The day is cut short by the darkness that hits midday and the outfit that just took you 30 minutes to assemble is hidden beneath your puffy winter coat. Not cool! As a result, I tend to dress down a little bit on miserably cold winter days (and I DO NOT mean sweatpants and Uggs- you are better than that my friends).  (more…)