Old Navy Denim Shop with Me

April 11, 2018 0 Comments

Old Navy Denim Shop with MeOld Navy Denim Shop with MeOld Navy is one store that is definitely under the radar when it comes to finding cute fashion for less. In the past, I wasn’t really an Old Navy kind-of-person. However, once they changed their brand’s image a few years back, I have become a big fan. Denim is always (and I mean ALWAYS) the hardest item for me to find and purchase. I have a true hourglass shape so finding pants that fit my curvy shape can be difficult at times. Recently, I decided to give Old Navy Denim a try to see how it would fit me and my hourglass shape. Below are the Old Navy Denim pieces that I tried on while at the store along with a review on each of their fits:

Old Navy Denim Shop with Me

Distressed Rockstar Jeggings for Women ($39.99)

Okay so these were the first pair of jeans that I tried on. I really like Old Navy’s Jeggings because they are basically pull-on leggings that look and feel like jeans. When I tried these on, I realized that I actually fell in between sizes 4 and 6. And since these aren’t actually jeans, I cannot belt them which wasn’t going to work as the back of them were quite loose on me. Overall, they were great jeans, just not for me and my shape.

Old Navy Denim Shop with Me

Raw-Edge Rockstar Ankle Jeggings for Women ($34.99)

Next, I tried on another pair Jeggings to see if it was the style that was off or the cut of the pants. Sure enough, I tried these on and they were loose too. If you have a lean or slim build, these pants would work best on you but for a girl with curves like me, not so much.

Old Navy Denim Shop with Me

Mid-Rise Rockstar Raw-Edge Ankle Jeans for Women ($34.99)

The next pair of jeans that I tried on are the mid-rise rockstar jeans. One plus of these jeans is the rise height as they fall in a place that is comfortable for someone who is short like myself. However, I did feel as through these jeans were cut pretty narrow so they would really work best on someone who is tall and slim. Also, I didn’t like how thin the material was on these so these were another no. 

Old Navy Denim Shop with Me The Power Jean, a.k.a. The Perfect Straight for Women (On Sale for $34)

So out of ALL of the jeans that I tried on, these were my absolute favorites! I did end up buying them and they are featured on today’s Instagram post (yay!) What I really love about these jeans is that they have a slightly loose fit and vintage fade to them. Also, they are distressed which is always a plus for me!

Also, use promo code SWEET right now on the Old Navy site for 20% off EVERYTHING!

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