Kate Spade: A Reseller’s Guide

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Kate Spade: A Reseller’s GuideOne of my favorite brands in the entire world is Kate Spade. I love the brand’s vibrant colors, witty puns, and whimsical designs. Over the past few years, I have acquired quite a bit of Kate Spade. Between the clothing, purses, jewelry, and home decor, you can definitely say that I am Kate Spade obsessed. Kate Spade: A Reseller’s Guide

Kate Spade: A Reseller’s Guide

Kate Spade: A Reseller’s Guide

Kate Spade: A Reseller’s GuideIn addition to buying Kate Spade products for myself, I also have sold quite a bit of it on both Poshmark and The RealReal. If you are a reseller and ever come across any of these items, be sure to buy them. Depending on the item, you could really make a good profit on selling Kate Spade products. Here is a quick Q&A about buying and selling Kate Spade items as reseller:

Where can you buy Kate Spade items?

Kate Spade items can be found at any authorized Kate Spade retailer including major retail stores, outlets, and their flagship stores. As a reseller, I would try to look for Kate Spade items at thrift/resale stores and off-price retailers such as TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack.

What are your favorite items to sell?

Personally, I love selling clothing, shoes, and purses. These items are the most popular among my target customers and allow for the best profit margins.

How much can I resell these items for?

It all depends on the item and how much someone is willing to pay for it. I have been reselling items long enough to know the resale value of an item pretty quickly. Here are ranges of what these items could potentially sell for:

Shoes: $20-$200

Jewelry: $10-$100

Clothing: $15-$300

Purses: $20-$150

*There are just rough estimates so please take these numbers with a grain of salt.

How much do you buy your items for?

So it all depends on where you are shopping for your items. The cheapest place that I typically find Kate Spade items is at thrift/resale stores. Off-price retailers such as TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack will have the next best prices for these items. Typically, I will spend anywhere from $1-$35 on an item depending on its’ resale value.

Have you ever found any counterfeits?

Yes, but typically the only counterfeit items that I find are older style handbags. And specially, the early black fabric labels with white writing on them. I only buy Kate Spade items with the newer and more recognizable labels. As a reseller, you need to constantly educate yourself on a brand and follow along with any of the changes that the company makes. By educating yourself properly, you can ensure that you are buying and selling authentic items.

What is your favorite  find?

My favorite find EVER is the rose jacket that I am wearing in the pictures above.  I bought it at the Nordstrom Rack in Union Square on my last trip to NYC. It was on sale for $60 and I fell in love with it instantly. This is the perfect jacket for transitioning between seasons and instantly brightens up any outfit.

Outfit Details: Jacket, Watch, Cup, Earrings–  Kate Spade New York; Top, Old Navy; Boots, Thrifted; Pants, Ivanka Trump

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