What is Your Clothing Color Palette?

March 10, 2017 0 Comments

What is Your Clothing Color Palette?What is your clothing color palette? Does your wardrobe revolve around the same four colors like mine? Each of us has our own unique sense of style. Personally, I love muted, neutral colors such as white, grey, tan, black, and blush pink. As a result, my entire wardrobe revolved around these neutral, easily interchangeable pieces. Today, I want to share with you how to build a functional wardrobe and help you to create your own clothing color palette.

What is Your Clothing Color Palette?

What is Your Clothing Color Palette?So where does my clothing color palette originate from? Well, that is a very complex question. For most of my life, I have strongly disliked the color, pink. Blue was always front and center while pink always went on the back burner. As I’ve grown, my preferences have changed to favor blush pink over blue. My love of neutrals, however, has not changed as I’ve aged. Neutrals are neutrals and in my opinion, they are timeless. As a result of these color preferences, my entire closet is basically a capsule of neutrals with splashes of color. I know that this sounds pretty boring but you would be very surprised with how versatile and functional my wardrobe is. 

Ask yourself these questions while trying to figure our your own clothing color palette:

1. What colors best accentuate your features? 

2. What colors make you happy/do you feel good in?

3. What colors are versatile for your lifestyle?

4. What colors best represent the true you best?

Outfit Details – Top: Kate Spade Saturday (Similar); Skirt: Topshop (Similar); Shoes: Saks Fifth Avenue, Plato’s Closet

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