Warby Parker: Stylish Glasses for Less

November 13, 2017 0 Comments

Warby Parker: Stylish Glasses for LessSince Friday was my 25th birthday, I decided to take the day off. I want to thank everyone for the sweetest birthday wishes! I truly have the best followers! For my birthday this year, I decided to invest in a new pair glasses. I have had the same glasses for the past 5 years and definitely needed a more updated pair. Anyone who wears glasses knows that they can be expensive, especially if they are designer. On my last visit to the city, my brother and I stopped into a Warby Parker store. After trying on literally every pair in the store, I fell in love with pair that you see me pictured in above. Today, I want to share with you my experience with Warby Parker.

Warby Parker: Stylish Glasses for Less

Warby Parker: Stylish Glasses for Less

Warby Parker: Stylish Glasses for Less

Warby Parker: Stylish Glasses for LessWhen it comes to finding stylish glasses for less, Warby Parker is my go-to. Warby Parker has a TON of stylish frames for under $150. I remember the first time that I walked in to a Warby Parker store and how overwhelming it was. When I first walked into the door, I immediately noticed frames surrounding the entire store from floor to ceiling. People were in front of every wall and mirror trying on every frame in the store in hopes of finding their perfect pair. When we finally entered the store, I didn’t waste any time and tried to find my perfect pair. Before we went in, I did a little research at home beforehand which made the process a LOT easier. 

As I’m sure that you guys know already, I love black, white, blush, and gray. Naturally, I gravitate towards anything in this color palette including my glasses. Originally I was looking for a pair of blush ones since they were the most neutral. However, after trying on every pair in the store, I finally found my perfect pair. My perfect pair of Warby Parker frames are Hayes in jet black (pictured above). I love that these frames are black on the top and then clear on the bottom. 

Did you know that if you buy a pair of Warby Parker frames, someone in need also receives a pair? How awesome is that? Warby Parker works with a handful of partners worldwide to distribute frames to someone in need. With the help of their partners, the company gives vision care and glasses to school-age children in their classrooms and works with adults to administer eye exams and sell glasses for affordable prices. I will always support companies that help others as part of their business model, that’s what life’s all about right? 

Here are some of my favorite Warby Parker picks:

Tansley,  Casper, Mona, Moriarty, Gilbert

Check out the ENTIRE Warby Parker Winter Collection HERE.

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