Tips for Selling Anthropologie on Poshmark

February 12, 2018 0 Comments

Tips for Selling Anthropologie on PoshmarkLet me start by saying that I LOVE buying and selling Anthropologie items. Anthropologie is a very popular brand in resale and can allow for large profit margins. Have you ever sold any Anthropologie items before? If you have: how long did it take for the item to sell and how much did you sell it for? What were your margins? These are factors that you need to consider when buying and selling this brand. Sometimes, an item can sell in a matter of minutes while another item may take longer to sell. Needless to say, buying and selling Anthropologie is tricky business. Hopefully I can provide some helpful insight on the matter and help you to make some awesome sales!

Tips for Selling Anthropologie on PoshmarkSourcing for Anthropologie Items

Okay, so whenever I go sourcing for inventory, I try to keep an open mind, trust my instincts, and look for unique pieces. (Usually Unique= Will Sell Well on Poshmark) While I was out sourcing last week, I spotted a really unique jacket on one of the racks. When I went to check it out, I took one look at the label and just knew… I instantly knew that this beautiful jacket was from Anthropologie and that I had just struck reselling gold! 

First and foremost, you really need to know your labels, especially with this store. If you haven’t already, familiarize yourself with Anthropologie brands and labels (HERE). This makes shopping for this stuff sooo much easier, trust me on that! And if your wondering where you can source Anthropologie items, read my post about it HERE ! Also, if you aren’t sure if a brand is from Anthropologie or not, check the inside label and/0r Google it. 

Tips for Selling Anthropologie on PoshmarkReselling Anthropologie Items

Okay, so this is where things start to get a little tricky! Anthropologie is definitely one of those hit-or-miss brands. If you are a seller on Poshmark, you will notice that Anthropologie is a pretty over saturated market (depending on what you are selling). Before you ever buy an item to resell, you need to check to see how many people are selling the exact same item and what the lowest selling price of that item is. This will indicate whether or not an item is worth buying. If there are a lot of people selling a particular item at a low selling price, you probably should pass on it. However, if the item is a unicorn find (aka rare), you better scoop that puppy up and don’t let it out of your sight until you get home. 

Tips for Selling Anthropologie on Poshmark

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