The Poshmark vs. TJ Maxx Debate

October 23, 2017 0 Comments

The Poshmark vs. TJ Maxx Debate

Happy Monday! Today, I want to talk about the Poshmark vs TJ Maxx debate. This isn’t really a debate per se, but more about the relationship between the two. I love both Poshmark and TJ Maxx so I hope that I can shed some light on their similarities and differences.

What do you think are the similarities and differences between the two? If you have a minute or two, make a quick list and we’ll then compare it to mine. Alright, so let’s get to it!

The 3 Types of Discounted Platforms

Okay so let’s start by discussing the 3 types of discounted platforms:

1. Augmented Marketplace– This platform focuses on convenience in the reselling process. To simplify this process, customers can send their items directly to the company where they are photographed and uploaded to an online platform. Examples of this marketplace include sites such as Vestaire, ThredUp, and TheRealReal.

2. Peer-to-Peer Marketplace- This platform takes on a more personal approach as it allows for direct interaction between buyers and sellers. Sellers photograph and list items through a hosted platform where consumers can purchase them for a discounted price. Examples of this marketplace include Ebay and Poshmark.

3. Off-Price Retailers– These are retail stores that buy excess inventory from companies and sell to consumers at discounted rates. Examples include TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Last Call Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom Rack.

So now you might be thinking, why is this important? Well, now that you have a good understanding of the 3 types of discounted platforms we can compare and contrast them.

Resale vs. Off-Price Retailers

Resale Off-Price Retailers

– New items listed every minute                  

– New items arrive every week

– Customers can shop from home   

– Stores have limited online inventory

– Wide assortment of brands and items

 – Limited brands and items that may not be searchable online

– Items are 75-90% off retail  

– Items are 20-60% off retail

– Gently-Used and New Items

  Surplus Inventory

As both a reseller and a consumer, this information can be valuable in SO many ways! For example, as a reseller this would tell me that brands sold exclusively to TJ Maxx may be valuable to me. Since TJ Maxx has limited online inventory available, I may want to do a little research and see what in-store items are not available to consumers online. Once you know what those items are, try to sell them on Poshmark and what happens. The reselling business involves a lot of experimenting so don’t be afraid to see what sells best for you!

*Some information wad adapted from ThredUp 

So I hope that you found this helpful! Have a great Monday!

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