Buying and Selling Canada Goose Jackets

LOOKSPOSHMARK / Nov 27, 2017 / 0 Comments

Buying and Selling Canada Goose JacketsIf you ever travel to New York City, you will notice Canada Goose jackets everywhere! When these jackets first came out, I wasn’t sure that they were worth the $600+ price tag. After a LOT of research and trial-and-error, I decided that I needed to find a warmer jacket. Particularly, one that would be able to handle the single digit temperatures that an upstate NY winter brings. So last weekend, I finally bought one.  Today, I want to share with you some tips on buying and selling Canada Goose jackets. (more…)

Spending The Day at the MET

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Spending The Day at the METWhenever I visit the city, I love to spending the day at the MET. If you ever find yourself in the Big Apple, I would definitely recommend visiting the MET. This museum is one of the largest and most beautiful places that I have ever been to. Although the museum is flooding with tourists, I would definitely keep coming back for more. This multi-level wonderland has treasures from ancient times through the modern age. Each section of the museum is magical and transports you back in time. I want to take you guys on a tour of the MET so be sure to scroll down and check out the MET for yourself! (more…)

WhoWhatWear Collection at Target: Holiday 2017

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WhoWhatWear Collection at Target: Holiday 2017I know that it is a little early but I am already thinking about the perfect holiday outfit! While I was shopping last week, I decided to check out the latest in the WhoWhatWear collection at Target. I absolutely love getting dressed up during the holiday season (mostly because of all of the velvet and sequins). There is something really magical about this time of year and I just love it. Today, I thought that we would get in the holiday spirit and check out some amazing pieces from the WhoWhatWear collection at Target. (more…)

Warby Parker: Stylish Glasses for Less

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Warby Parker: Stylish Glasses for LessSince Friday was my 25th birthday, I decided to take the day off. I want to thank everyone for the sweetest birthday wishes! I truly have the best followers! For my birthday this year, I decided to invest in a new pair glasses. I have had the same glasses for the past 5 years and definitely needed a more updated pair. Anyone who wears glasses knows that they can be expensive, especially if they are designer. On my last visit to the city, my brother and I stopped into a Warby Parker store. After trying on literally every pair in the store, I fell in love with pair that you see me pictured in above. Today, I want to share with you my experience with Warby Parker. (more…)