Designer for Less: Black Sneakers by DV for Target

January 3, 2018 0 Comments

Designer for Less: Black Sneakers by DV for TargetI don’t know about you but I have been on the hunt for the perfect black sneakers. I really love sneakers by Adidas and Nike but I just can’t justify spending $150 on them right now. After weeks of looking with nothing to show for it, I decided to take a break. While I was at Target the other day, I unexpectedly spotted these sneakers on one of the end caps. They immediately caught my eye and I knew that I needed to at least try them on. I mean, why not right? 

Unfortunately, they did not have my actual size (I wear a half-size) but they did have the next size up and down. I tried on both sizes and felt that going down a half-size was just fine (although I would have preferred my actual size). And with price tag being only $34.99, I was sold!

Since the weather in NY has been really cold, I am really hesitant to wear these outside. I live in an area that gets a large amount of snowfall and they will easily get dirty. As a result, I’ve been trying to wear them on clear days or while working out. Speaking of working out, this week I started the BBG workout by Kayla Itsines. So far, so good! So many of my fellow blogger friends are doing this workout and have achieved amazing results over the past year. Part of my New Year’s goal this year is to not only look good but feel good too. I’m really excited to see what this workout system has in store for me and I promise that I will give you guys some updates along the way! (Learn more about the BBG system HERE

Designer for Less: Black Sneakers by DV for Target

Designer for Less: Black Sneakers by DV for TargetOutfit Details: Sweatshirt, Fila (TJ Maxx- Similar); Jeans, Levi’s (TJ Maxx- Similar); Black Sneakers, DV for Target; Hat, Gap (Gifted- Similar) 

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