Buying and Selling Thrifted LuLaRoe

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Buying and Selling Thrifted LuLaRoe So how many of you are familiar with the brand, LuLaRoe? I’m sure that many of you have either heard of it or knows someone who sells it. As an avid thrifter, I constantly find LuLaRoe items in thrift and resale stores. Whenever I find it while thrifting, I always make sure that I pick it up. Here in Upstate New York, LuLaRoe is a brand that many women love to wear. Unlike many other clothing brands, you cannot purchase LuLaRoe at a retail store. This brand is sold exclusively through LuLaRoe consultants. As a result, excess inventory sometimes ends up at thrift stores where you might be lucky enough to find it at a discount!  Today, I wanted to give some insight on buying and selling LuLaRoe as a reseller!

Buying and Selling Thrifted LuLaRoe Okay, so let’s start with the basics! First, let’s talk about what to look for when you find a LuLaRoe piece while thrifting!

The Label

Once you find a LuLaRoe piece, start by looking at the clothing label. The label is pretty easy to spot as it is colorful just like their whimsical clothing pieces. The LuLaRoe logo is either folded along the seam or printed on a strip of fabric. Recent clothing pieces have a fabric strip label while older pieces have a folded label. Now that you are familiar with the clothing label, let’s take a look at the LuLaRoe paper tags found on every item. Every LuLaRoe item comes with 2 tags: the logo tag and the style tag. The larger logo tag features the colorful LuLaRoe logo and the smaller style tag contains the item’s barcode, style, and size. 

Buying and Selling LuLaRoe as a ResellerNow, let’s go back to the clothing tags for just a minute. When you look at these tags, you will see both the country where the item was manufactured and the item’s size. As you can see above, LuLaRoe items are manufactured in a variety of countries including: China, Vietnam, Korea, and the United States. Like many other retailers, LuLaRoe decided to outsource their manufacturing. In addition to printing the origin of manufacturing on their tags, the second fabric tag also features the item’s size. LuLaRoe sizes can vary based on the style and cut of item.

Here is the LuLaRoe size chart from the LuLaRoe site:

uying and Selling LuLaRoe as a ResellerImage: LuLaRoe


Okay, so LuLaRoe styles vary by tops, dresses, skirts, and leggings. Since there are numerous styles in their collection, I thought that I should help to familiarize you with it! (Note: Four of these styles will be making their 2018 debut!)

Buying and Selling LuLaRoe as a Reseller Buying and Selling LuLaRoe as a Reseller Buying and Selling LuLaRoe as a Reseller Buying and Selling LuLaRoe as a Reseller Buying and Selling LuLaRoe as a Reseller Buying and Selling LuLaRoe as a Reseller Buying and Selling LuLaRoe as a ResellerImages: LuLaRoe

Tips on Buying and Selling LuLaRoe

Finally, let’s talk about buying and selling LuLaRoe items! Based on my personal experience with reselling these items, LuLaRoe pieces hold a great resale value. Whenever I see a LuLaRoe piece at a thrift or resale store, I will usually always pick it up. However, as the popularity of LuLaRoe has increased over the last year, some of my local thrift stores have started to mark up the prices on these items. As a result, I am selective with the pieces that I buy in order to make sure that I am still making a profit on them. When it comes to making the biggest profits, I always am looking for LuLaRoe tops and dresses, especially printed pieces. I’ve noticed that people prefer printed styles over solid colored ones so I don’t waste too much time on basics. 

Whenever you buy a LuLaRoe piece, please check the fabric for pilling. Since most LuLaRoe pieces are made with polyester and have a tendency of pilling very easily. Most of the pilling will occur along the seams so be sure to check for it. Also, check and make sure that the items have no holes, stains, or major signs of wear (especially in their leggings- they have a tendency of ripping). 

When it comes to pricing LuLaRoe items, definitely look for comps on Poshmark. What you should price the item for will depend on the style and print that you are selling and how much others are selling it for. Dresses will typically price higher than tops and leggings. And people are always going to present you with unreasonable offers so take that into consideration when setting the price. 

I hope that you found this helpful and if you have any questions about buying and selling LuLaRoe, please let me know!

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